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Cambodia energy sector

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By Thomas Chaumont, Romain Joya and Silvia Pergetti August, 2013; updated by Neeraj Joshi February, 2014; updated by Silvia Pergetti October, 2014

Access to eneenergyrgy, as an inherent factor of growth, is intertwined with development. Scaling up the availability of affordable and efficient energy services is key to attain Cambodia’s development targets.

In 2012, Cambodia energy consumption amounted at 4.7 Mtoe, mainly attributed to the residential sector: domestic cooking represents 34% of the final energy demand, and household-scale businesses might account for another relevant portion of it. As of now, the industrial and transport sectors represent minor energy consumers, but they are both projected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

In order to meet the demand of Cambodian users, in 2012 Cambodia imported or extracted 5.5 Mtoe of primary energy sources. In particular, the strong need for biomass puts pressure on natural and forest resources.

Cambodia’s total energy consumption is projected to grow in the next decades. Current policies at national and international level aim at addressing energy poverty and creating preconditions for growth. In particular, hopes of policy-makers are set on hydropower. Given its importance, biomass energy remains at the core of policy-making efforts in Cambodia.

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Vann Tola and the improved cookstove business

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N&E_11-2aShe speaks not a word of English, but somehow she’d heard her name called and people were prodding her to come down the front, and so she does. Standing in front of at least fifty people – all working in international development – this petite, shy woman sees them clapping their hands and smiling up at her. And why not? She, Vann Tola, a resident of Kampong Chhnang province some 90 kilometers away from the capital Phnom Penh, owns the biggest Improved Cookstove (ICS) production center in the whole of Cambodia.

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“Carbon credits a tough sell”

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pppPhnom Penh Post, 26 November 2014, by Eddie Morton

“Representatives from France-based NGO the Group for the Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity (GERES) presented the results of a 10-year stovetop installation program, which ran from 2003 to 2013.

‘We were the first one to register a cooking-stove project to the voluntary carbon markets, which is a way to claim carbon credits, ‘ Mathieu Ruillet, Southeast Asia director of GERES, said during a roundtable discussion on climate finance in Phnom Penh yesterday.'”

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Invitation to a Roundtable Discussion on Climate Finance

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for the blogAlong with the global recognition of the dire consequences of climate change came the availability of climate funds to support adaptation, mitigation and forest conservation measures in vulnerable developing countries.

Identified as one of the particularly vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change, Cambodia currently benefits from global climate finance.

To shed light to some of the questions surrounding climate finance, GERES will be holding a Roundtable Discussion on Climate Finance for Development on 25th November 2014, 15.00-16.00HH, at The Quay Boutique Hotel along Sisowath Quay.

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