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Conquering Cambodia’s eastern flank with ICS: Kampong Cham to be another production base for improved cookstoves

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PP-KG-KC mapThe idea, back in 2009, was to have production bases flanking the capital Phnom Penh – Kampong Chhnang on the right and Kampong Cham on the left –  from which improved cookstoves shall emanate and flow into the rest of the provinces, to eventually envelope the whole of Cambodia with woodfuel-saving New Lao and Neang Kongrey stoves. Their geographical position in respect to Phnom Penh is not the only characteristic that makes these two provinces ‘special’ as far as cookstove production is concerned; theirs is also the soil quality that is most suitable to cookstove production, and thus explains the presence as well of pottery- or traditional cookstove-producers in these two provinces.

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(20)14 Highlights + 1 = (A promise-filled) (20)15!

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New Year 2015As the past year is officially drawn to a close and as we enter the new year, GERES in Southeast Asia gives you a rundown of the HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014 and ANTICIPATED EVENTS IN 2015.

Read on and take a trip down the memory lane with us as we recollect what we did the past year towards promoting sustainable B-I-O-M-A-S-S  E-N-E-R-G-Y (in) S.E. A(sia).

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