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[NLS Story Series] Cooking up beautiful transformations

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The NLS story series tells of stories of people – their past, their struggles, and most of all, their successes and hopes – in rural Cambodia and how their beautiful journey is in part defined by their having crossed paths with the New Lao Stove.

The Story of VANN TOLA, the cookstove superstar.

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Charcoal, forest and people: The case of Cambodia

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor six months, members of GERES’ monitoring & evaluation and research team and staff members of Mlup Baitong – a Cambodian NGO working to promote sustainable, equitable and just, rights-based use of natural resources – traced the flow of charcoal, starting from retailers in Phnom Penh all the way back to producer communities more than a hundred kilometers away and, ultimately, to the source of wood in forests on the Cardamom mountains.

Funded by the Global Forest Watch, the study had endeavored to bring the complex reality of charcoal production in Cambodia to light using scientific evidence, and in the process, developed a replicable methodology for local-level studies on the impact of charcoal on forests.

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