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Promoting the dissemination of Improved Cookstoves in Kampong Cham and Thbong Khmum provinces

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A cooking lesson to promote the improved cookstove efficiency compared to a traditional cookstove (22% less of wood consumption).

From December 2014 to December 2016, GERES conducted an AusAID-funded project aiming to introduce and promote Improved Cookstoves in Kampong Cham and Thbong Khmum provinces. The project supported the dissemination of 90,000 ICS in both regions and allowed to gather critical lessons learned for further dissemination of improved cookstoves in Cambodia.

The objective of this project was to address the prevailing barriers to ICS dissemination in Cambodia, notably among the poorest. Continue reading

Using participatory role-playing tools to model the climate vulnerabilities of local farmers and develop climate-resilient agriculture solutions.

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Farmers from Bampong Pchoek village modelling their current agricultural system using the tool developed by GERES.

GERES is currently providing technical support on climate-resilient agriculture to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) in order to increase resilience to climate change for farmers in rural Cambodia. During this 3 year project, funded by the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA), GERES team will work with farmers from 35 villages in Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Cham, and Kandal province. Continue reading

Assisted Natural Regeneration in Cambodia

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Most of the community forests of Cambodia are very degraded which strongly limits the potential of income generating activities for the communities to sustainably manage their forest resources.

In collaboration with Bagong Pagasa Foundation from the Philippines, GERES is promoting Assisted Natural Regeneration to the members of the community forests supported by its projects. Last September, the members of the community forestry sites of Bong Kong Kmom and Cheu Teal as well as the provincial staffs from the Forestry Administration of Pursat were trained to Assisted Natural Regeneration techniques on the field.

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Towards an independent and stronger improved-cookstove industry association

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The Improved Cookstove Producers and Distributors Association of Cambodia (ICoProDAC) is a 316-member industry association established by GERES in 2003.

Sun swears that her life has changed since joining the Improved Cookstove Producers and Distributors Association of Cambodia (ICoProDAC) in 2004, just a year after the business association was established. Traditionally a farmer, Sun joined the improved cookstove business as a Neang Kongrey stove (NKS) producer, and has been producing some 500 to 600 stoves since to cater to a high demand among the rural population.

She gives credit to GERES’ business development assistance and efforts to market and promote improved cookstoves for the initial success of her business, while acknowledging that the quality of the product itself was what has sustained it.

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GERES Southeast Asia appoints new Regional Director and Cambodia Country Director

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Message_Changes in GSEA Leadership_30042015The GERES team in Southeast Asia wish you all a happy, abundant and meaningful Khmer New Year!

Celebrated in the third week of April in the countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Vietnam) around the Mekong, this new year also ushers in a new era of leadership for GERES in Southeast Asia.

Mathieu Ruillet, the outgoing Southeast Asia Rgional Director sends out this message to GERES’ partners in the region.

Read on.

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(20)14 Highlights + 1 = (A promise-filled) (20)15!

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New Year 2015As the past year is officially drawn to a close and as we enter the new year, GERES in Southeast Asia gives you a rundown of the HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014 and ANTICIPATED EVENTS IN 2015.

Read on and take a trip down the memory lane with us as we recollect what we did the past year towards promoting sustainable B-I-O-M-A-S-S  E-N-E-R-G-Y (in) S.E. A(sia).

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