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(20)14 Highlights + 1 = (A promise-filled) (20)15!

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New Year 2015As the past year is officially drawn to a close and as we enter the new year, GERES in Southeast Asia gives you a rundown of the HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014 and ANTICIPATED EVENTS IN 2015.

Read on and take a trip down the memory lane with us as we recollect what we did the past year towards promoting sustainable B-I-O-M-A-S-S  E-N-E-R-G-Y (in) S.E. A(sia).

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Climate finance for Cambodian sustainable development

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More than fifty people working in international development joined together for a roundtable discussion on climate finance for Cambodian development on 25th November 2014 in Phnom Penh

On 25th November 2014, over 50 development workers joined together in Phnom Penh, and talked about climate finance-related issues such as access to climate finance, the role of climate finance in charting a sustainable development path for Cambodia, and more importantly, how government, the donor community, project implementers and NGOs can all work together to optimize global climate change support for Cambodia.

Our sincerest thanks goes out to the members of the panel whose expertise and experience on the subject provided some real valuable insights. GERES – and we are certain – the rest of the panel would not hesitate to share further insights, in the spirit of working together for a common goal in development.

Please find below the discussion’s summary and highlights.

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Vann Tola and the improved cookstove business

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N&E_11-2aShe speaks not a word of English, but somehow she’d heard her name called and people were prodding her to come down the front, and so she does. Standing in front of at least fifty people – all working in international development – this petite, shy woman sees them clapping their hands and smiling up at her. And why not? She, Vann Tola, a resident of Kampong Chhnang province some 90 kilometers away from the capital Phnom Penh, owns the biggest Improved Cookstove (ICS) production center in the whole of Cambodia.

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Invitation to a Roundtable Discussion on Climate Finance

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for the blogAlong with the global recognition of the dire consequences of climate change came the availability of climate funds to support adaptation, mitigation and forest conservation measures in vulnerable developing countries.

Identified as one of the particularly vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change, Cambodia currently benefits from global climate finance.

To shed light to some of the questions surrounding climate finance, GERES will be holding a Roundtable Discussion on Climate Finance for Development on 25th November 2014, 15.00-16.00HH, at The Quay Boutique Hotel along Sisowath Quay.

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