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ICS movement catching fire

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2by Yohanes Iwan Baskoro, Lead Technical Advisor, StovePlus

A question was posed to me recently: More than 50 years after the notion that had put improved cookstove (ICS) as part of the solution to the global fuel, environment and health problems began to gain global recognition, why are we now still talking about promoting worldwide adoption of the ICS?

Coincidentally coming in the wake of a recently concluded first ever Cookstoves Future Summit hosted by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves in New York City, the question is loaded with implications and goes right to the heart of the challenges that confront ICS project developers all over the world.

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GERES attends Convergences 2014 in Paris

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It had only been a childhood dream until he actually stood in front of it one afternoon in September. And it didn’t matter that all the souvenir that he’s got is an ill-framed photo of him standing in front of the base of a steel tower. What is important is that CHEN Cheth, GERES’ ICS (Improved Cookstove) Project Manager in Cambodia, had seen the Eiffel Tower because he actually had just been in Paris! Continue reading