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A case study on SCALE project in SWITCH-Asia last report : Advancing Sustainable Development and Women’s Empowerment in Asia

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A case study on women empowerment during SCALE project in Myanmar was published in a compilation made by SWITCH-Asia Programme : “Advancing Sustainable Development and Women’s Empowerment in Asia”. 

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What’s up with SCALE?

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SCALE-2In Myanmar, the SCALE – Strengthening improved Cookstove Access towards a better quality of Life and Environment – Project is well underway.

The European Union-funded project supports a global SWITCH to sustainable consumption and production by helping put in place a supply chain which is capable of driving wide-scale and sustainable access to fuel-efficient cookstoves among households in Myanmar, and thereby contribute to the country’s economic development, environmental protection efforts, and an overall improved quality of life for members of the population, both women and men.

A year into the project, what are the latest news from Myanmar? StovePlus documents the latest news and development on SCALE.

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